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International Business – Commodities – Industrial Projects

Feasibility Studies

We prepare feasibility studies for all types of businesses and industries, including start-ups.

Real Estate Feasibility

We prepare feasibility studies for both residential and commercial ventures, as well as industrial projects.

Market Studies

We prepare market studies for businesses looking to expand in the United States and internationally.

International Trade

We provide boots-on-the-ground actionable guidance on international trade and global markets - including for both container loads and bulk shipments.


We specialize in container loads and bulk shipments of commodities such as steel, metals, scrap iron & metal, iron ore, minerals, raw materials, and oil & gas.


We have 30 years of global procurement experience in sourcing raw materials and setting up reliable supplier-bases for raw materials and commodities.


We provide a range of services from guiding start ups to assisting companies looking to expand in the U.S. and internationally. 

What our clients say about us...

Feasibility Study Services, LLC. is proud of the work we do on behalf of our clients.

“We've been working with Iron Industries since 2020. They have been guiding us in the decommissioning and recycling of our oil rigs, refineries and platforms in SE Asia and Australia.”
Barry D.
Shell Oil
“They prepare real estate studies and proformas for our apartment projects; and market studies for all our restaurants.”
Ty S.
Conco Steel
“Feasibility Study Services prepared an excellent, comprehensive market study for one of our larger developments in the US.”
Bradley P.
Zurich Asset Management

Deliverable Time Frames

Most of our studies take 7 – 10 business days to deliver a first draft. Then we begin revisions, which usually take 1 -2 days. We also offer rush-jobs when needed.