Grades We Buy

In this section you will learn about the grades we buy. Iron Industries has markets for almost 20 different grades of scrap iron. This way your yard can consistently move multiple commodities, thus increasing profits and saving yard space.

Here is a brief list of the grades we can buy:

    HMS 1 & 2
    Cast Iron
    Shredded Steel
    Plate & Structural
    Rail & OTM (Other Track Material)
    Steel Cable (Yes, over 5′ Long. )
    Tyre Core
    Oil Filter Bricks
    Steel Can Bundles
    Motor Blocks
    Unprepared Steel
    #2 Bundles
    Log Material
    Bushelling, Skeletons, and Punch Outs
    Slag, Swarf, and Turnings
    Baled Auto Bodies

If your scrap yard is looking for an all-around buyer you’ve come to the right place. We can buy multiple grades of scrap to keep your material moving. This way you don’t tie up capital and receive scrap you can’t ship. Additionally this will allow to buy grades of scrap you would otherwise not accept or go after.

We also have a market for un-cut steel cable over 5′ long. Yes, we can buy and ship this in 40′ containers. Don’t worry if you can’t load more than 14 tons, we know this scrap is bulky and takes up a lot of space. Contact Us to learn more.

Grades We Buy

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