We prepare Feasibility Studies & Market Studies for all types of Industrial Real Estate ventures. Our comprehensive analysis provides developers actionable-information to help determine, refine, or validate the project-parameters. In particular, our real estate and analytics team is adept at:


We Analyze

  1. Highest & Best Use
  2. Mixed Use Development
  3. Under-Served in the Community
  4. Anticipated Rental/Lease Rates
  5. Pertinent Economic Characteristics
  6. Sub-Market Characteristics
  7. Amenities in the Area
  8. Zoning & Permitting
  9. Optimal Location to Build
  10. Anticipated Project Timelines
  11. Municipal Incentives

We Cover

  • Multi-Use Facilities
  • Port Development
  • Offshore Infrastructure
  • Hi-Rise Construction
  • Warehouses & Flex Space
  • Industrial Plant Operations
  • Airports & Logistics Hubs
  • Extraction Industries
  • Mega-Projects
  • Belt & Road (OBOR)
  • Special Purpose
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