Are you having a hard time finding real suppliers? You’re not the only one! I help buyers, traders, and end-users source and procure scrap iron, scrap metal, and electronic scrap commodities. In short, I “buy on your behalf”. I help you develop your supplier-base, watch the loading, assist with logistics, and help you manage your customers so you have repeat-supply every month.


  1. Sourcing & Procuring Container Loads of Scrap Iron (Ferrous)
  2. Sourcing & Procuring Container Loads of Scrap Metal (Nonferrous)
  3. Sourcing & Procuring Bulk Shipments of Scrap Iron (30,000 MT Cargo)
  4. Sourcing & Procuring Computer Scrap & Electronic Waste

Secure Transactions:

  1. Payment for the scrap goes directly to the scrap yard, not Iron Industries, LLC.
  2. Payment for ocean freight & trucking goes directly to the vendor, not Iron Industries, LLC.

How It Works

  1. Each day I contact or visit 1 – 5 scrap yards (depending on the city).
  2. See what scrap is available, discuss prices, terms, loading schedules, and logistics.
  3. eMail you a Daily Update with photos and yard details.
  4. Client and I discuss the next steps.
  5. Repeat.

If you’re interested in this service, please call me anytime to discuss further.

Call 1+305-780-4942 (Text Messages + WhatsApp + Signal + Botim = OK)

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