Iron Industries, LLC. sources & procures Scrap Rail from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, and South America. This is not an easy grade to acquire- there are specific bid procedures, financial requirements, and scrap receiving terms to follow; as well as export controls and end-user certificate requirements.

Building a supply-base of rail suppliers for Spot Deals or Terms Contracts takes months of work and travel. And then You/We need to maintain the business relationship and manage the project.

  1. Spot Deals (Up To 100,000 MT)
  2. Term Contracts (Tonnage: TBD)
  3. Annual Contracts (1+ Million MT)
  4. Rail Removal Projects
  5. Rail-Breaking Projects
  6. All Or Nothing Terms
  7. Container Loads
  8. Bulk Shipments
  9. Consolidation Loads (Very Likely)
  10. Partial Shipments

Grades of Railroad Scrap

  1. Tie Plates
  2. Spikes/Pandrol Clips
  3. Wheel & Axles
  4. Locomotives
  5. Rail R50/R65 (40′ Length, 3′ Length)

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