Iron Industries, LLC would be pleased to Source & Procure scrap iron for your steel mill.

Why use Iron Industries, LLC.?

  1. 27+ years of scrap iron experience.
  2. We source 15+ grades of scrap iron.
  3. Secure payment structures.
  4. High quality control standards.
  5. We verify all suppliers first.
  6. We are friendly and easy to work with.
  7. We only deal with scrap iron.
  8. We do this full time: 24/7/365.
  9. We are reliable, affordable, and knowledgeable.
  10. We Answer The Phone!

We welcome all inquiries. So please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Call 1+305-780-4942 (Text Messages + WhatsApp + Signal + Botim = OK)

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