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International Business – Industrial Projects – Procurement Services

Feasibility Studies

We prepare comprehensive, bankable feasibility studies for all types of businesses and industries, including start-ups and real estate. We also prepare proformas.

Market Studies

Are you looking to expand your business into new markets? We prepare market studies that analyze everything from barriers to entry to market potential.

Procurement Services

We source and procure all types of raw materials and commodities. Whether bulk shipments or container loads, we have long experience in this field.

Operational Feasibility

A key attribute of your business - how will you deliver your product or service to market. We'll analyze your business model for optimal performance.

Technical Feasibility

Do you have the skilled personnel and technology available to operate the business efficiently? We'll analyze the the technical side of your project.

Resource & Scheduling Feasibility Analysis

Do you have the necessary resources (supply-chain analysis) to successfully start or operate your business? What scheduling issues may arise = anticipated project timelines analysis.

Real Estate Feasibility

We analyze and input over 10 major data-points into our real estate feasibility studies. Additionally, multiple components such as social, cultural, financial and other matters are often considered in our market research.

What our clients say about us...

Feasibility Study Services, LLC. is proud of the work we do on behalf of our clients.

“We literally work with Feasibility Study Services on a daily basis. They deliver excellent studies on-time and on-budget.”
Robert M.
“They prepare real estate studies and proformas for our apartment projects; and market studies for all our restaurants.”
Hamza O.
Etihad Master Plan
“Feasibility Study Services prepared an excellent, comprehensive market study for one of our larger developments in the US.”
Bradley P.
Zurich Asset Management

Deliverable Time Frames

Most of our studies take 7 – 10 business days to deliver a first draft. Then we begin revisions, which usually take 1 -2 days. We also offer rush-jobs when needed.