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Business Feasibility Study

We prepare feasibility studies for all types of businesses and industries, including start-ups.

Real Estate Feasibility

We prepare feasibility studies for both residential and commercial ventures, as well as industrial projects.

Market Studies

We prepare market studies for businesses looking to expand in the United States and internationally.

Business Plans

In addition to the preparation of Feasibility Studies and Market Studies, our experienced team of consultants also prepares business plans.


As many of our clients look to the capital markets to raise money, we can also prepare a Prospectus they can present to investors or lenders.

Pre-Feasibility Studies

Before diving into a full feasibility study, sometimes it makes sense to start with a preliminary feasibility analysis to see if the project has the potential to succeed.


Feasibility Studies & Market Studies

We prepare feasibility studies and market studies for all types of real estate projects. Our team has years of experience in the real estate feasibility field; and our reports provide actionable information that help our clients determine whether to proceed with the project or adjust the project-parameters.

Feasibility Study

At a high level, our feasibility analysis allows our clients to ascertain the project's financial viability and sustainable financial viability.

Pre-Feasibility Study

Before investing time and resources into a full feasibility study, sometimes it makes sense to start with a preliminary feasibility analysis to see if the project has the proper potential to succeed.

Market Study

If your company is considering expanding into a new market, whether in the USA or international, we can prepare a market research report that analyzes the project's risk factors, potential, and opportunities.


Real Estate Market Study

We analyze and input over 10 major data-points into our real estate market studies. Additionally, multiple components such as social, cultural, financial and other matters are often considered in our market research.


Real Estate Feasibility Studies


Business Feasibility Studies


Market Studies


Business Plans & Prospectuses

What our clients say about us...

Feasibility Study Services, LLC. is proud of the work we do on behalf of our clients.

“We literally work with Feasibility Study Services on a daily basis. They deliver excellent studies on-time and on-budget.”
Robert M.
“They prepare real estate studies and proformas for our apartment projects; and market studies for all our restaurants.”
Hamza O.
Etihad Master Plan
“Feasibility Study Services prepared an excellent, comprehensive market study for one of our larger developments in the US.”
Bradley P.
Zurich Asset Management

Deliverable Time Frames

Most of our studies take 7 – 10 business days to deliver a first draft. Then we begin revisions, which usually take 1 -2 days. We also offer rush-jobs when needed.