Scrap Metal Consulting Services

I am an independent consultant specializing in the scrap metal industry. What do I do? I help businesses and individuals with their scrap metal business-needs. Throughout this website I offer a range of customizable services designed to help the CIient with the many challenges they'll deal with on a regular basis. All inquiries are welcome.

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Trouble Finding Real Suppliers?

You’re not the only one! Call Me: 1+305-780-4942. I can help you set up a reliable supplier-base in the USA and internationally for container loads of ferrous, nonferrous metals, and electronic scrap commodities. Learn More >>

New To Scrap Metal?

Are you new to the scrap metal business but don’t know ‘where to start’? I’ve helped many start-ups over the years. Scrap metal is a large industry with many directions for one to go. Learning this business takes years. I

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Do You Need Bulk Shipments?

I source & procure bulk shipments (30,000 MT) as per my clients’ needs: HMS 1 & 2, Shredded Steel, Scrap Rail (R50/R65), and P & S. It is estimated there are 250 – 300 bulk suppliers worldwide. I know many of them. Buying is easy – finding them and getting in front of the decision-makers is the hard part. Call Me to discuss further.


Marc's knowledge was very helpful about decommissioning our oil rigs, platforms, and chemical refineries in South East Asia. We've been dealing with Marc for over two years and will continue to use his services.

Barry D. - Shell Oil