Have you though about starting a scrap yard but don’t know ‘where to begin’? There are many reasons to start a scrap yard, such as buying for yourself (end-market) to be guaranteed your own supply. Too many reasons to list here…. But I can help you with most phases of development and operations. I’ve been in and out of more scrap yards in 27 years than I can remember: Giant yards, bulk yards, big yards, medium size, small operations, the good, the bad, and the terribly run. I’ve seen who does it right and who does it wrong. You don’t want to do it wrong.

There are many types of scrap yards:

  1. Ferrous
  2. Nonferrous
  3. Both Ferrous & Nonferrous
  4. Feeder Yard (sell to a bigger yard)
  5. Sell Domestic + Export (Rail, Truck, or Ocean Container)
  6. Processor Yard (Shear & Shredder)
  7. Yard with a Rail Spur
  8. Trans-Shipment Facility
  9. Container Export Yard
  10. Bulk Shipment Yard (Dockside)

Steel Mills Outside the USA

If you’re a steel mill outside the USA, then starting a scrap yard in the USA is a great way to be guaranteed supply = buy for yourself. Contact Me for more information.

Conversation – of course this business is not for everyone. There is a lot of competition, the permit process is not easy, and there are plenty of environmental considerations. Additionally, depending on the type of yard, the cost of set up and operation can be in the millions of dollars. But for many yards, it is a VERY profitable business.

The global demand for scrap metal is intense and growing. So this is the right time to consider this business. Call me anytime and we can discuss your business idea.

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